Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Snag of Perfect

Have you ever been snagged by perfectionism?  I am not really a perfectionist when it comes to other people.  I mean, I'm pretty laid-back.  But oh what a different story when it comes to myself.  I can be very hard on myself and lay out high expectations and drive and strive to meet them.  When I can't, I shut down.  And every time I think I've improved with it, something always rises up again to remind me I'm still not done with the journey.  This blog is one of those things.  It's been snagged in perfectionism.

You see, I've let so many countless opportunities to blog go by because I didn't have the time (or inclination) to blog about it "right."  The Lord has blessed me left and right, and I haven't been recording it here because I felt it wasn't good enough, or that I couldn't make a "full-length" blog about it.  Whatever that is?

Lord, forgive me.  I've been resisting writing and recording your blessings and gifts to me because I didn't think I could do it the right way.  How silly is that?  I have a real fear of failure.  If I fear I won't be able to do something, I am much more likely not to try in the first place.  So many simple gifts flown by and not remembered, not treasured forever in my heart by this written record because I was afraid to try to write it down the "right" way.

Well, God has given me a new vision for this blog.  I am now recording those simple gifts and blessings that happen around me, whenever they resonate in my heart.  Whether recording them here takes one sentence, or many paragraphs.  My writing may not be perfect, but that's not the point of this blog.  I've always wanted this place to be where I record God's goodness and inspire my gratitude to Him in the process.

It's a new journey, and I'm grateful even for these hard-to-learn lessons!


  1. How sill it is that we fall into this lie... If it isn't perfect then it shouldn't be. Yet if we stopped to analyze the truth, it is only in the not attempting at all that failure comes.
    Thank you for the reminder that freedom to fly doesn't come in perfection, but in having the courage to jump out of the nest.

    Simple things indeed! :)

  2. I can relate...there's so many things I would have blogged about if I thought I could get my words just right! Thanks for the reminder that it's about God, not me! :)