Sunday, March 11, 2012


Please indulge me a few minutes while I gush about my husband.  After all, how can I write a blog about the gifts God gives me and not include him? Eleven years ago, we first "noticed" each other and began dating.  Actually, using his words..."I purposed in my heart to pursue you."  What woman doesn't love to be pursued?  And I'm thankful he still pursues me, even though he won my heart all those years ago.  We were married almost nine years ago, in April of 2003.  Each day I realize more things to love and respect and admire about him.

David is just the right combination of compassion, understanding, encouragement, nudge-me-when-I-need-it love and concern.  He is strong in conviction, principle, and justice.  He notices the out-cast and the forgotten among us.  He wants to be used by the Lord and leads our home in spiritual sincerity.  He is fun and makes me laugh.  Even when we have struggles, God has blessed us with the ability to talk it out and see things from the other's perspective.  And we continue to grow in our marriage with each other through the hard and good times.

I love to share experiences with him.  We go on anniversary trips most years, and just like to explore, whether it's hopping in the car and heading to "wherever," or going up to Chicago for a weekend.  Recently, we splurged on a wonderful dinner out at SilverCreek, and afterward a concert by our local symphony.  It was a little different for us, and we took full advantage, even dressing up fancy for our night on the town.   It was a wonderful feast for the eyes, ears, palate and soul!    

I truly believe that God designed David for me, and me for him.  It makes me feel so loved and special that God would put such an awesome guy in my life.  When I first  met him at out church, I remember thinking "Wow, great guy!  He must have a girlfriend around somewhere, because nobody that awesome, would still be unattached.  Some girl obviously has snatched him up."  As it turned out, I was the one who had the privilege! haha

David is the God could give me (apart from Himself) in my life, and I am truly blessed! 

 Thank you for indulging me and letting me share : )  David, I love you with all my heart!

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  1. This is so incredibly sweet. Thanks for sharing, Jenni! It brought a smile to my face. :)