Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Simple Gesture Can Mean So Much

So much for my idea I was going to post here regularly. Ha! Time has been moving along, and while I have had many ideas for my blog here -- thankfully the Lord has not stopped showing me His blessings and Love -- both time constraints and perfectionism have kept me from recording them. My bad! May I hopefully do better, because I find this so important for me.

Today I had one of those days where it is hard to see the blessings and to be thankful. I have been feeling blah emotionally, and physically weary the last few days. Add a headache today, and well, I just wasn't feeling well at all. And no matter how much I rested, I just couldn't seem to feel any better it seemed. With days like this, the frustration and discouragement levels mount, especially when my mind has all these ideas about things I would have liked to accomplish today, without a single one getting done.

This evening, having to come up with an idea for supper and actually fix it just served to further overwhelm me. So I wonder if you can imagine what I felt, when David volunteered to make supper and clean up afterward? Oh, sweet blessing! A husband who understands, AND makes a wonderful meal for us! It tasted so good! It made me feel so loved and cared for, and so special too. I really, really appreciated it! And I really, really appreciate him too! What a gift to know that God uses others to bless me as well!

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