Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why a Blog?

So why blog? It's really not that I think my life is so fascinating and important that others should just want to read about it. Really, I'm not planning on this blog having more than an audience of one. Ok, two -- God and me. Well, ok...God, me, my husband, my mom and maybe a handful of family members -- haha.

I decided to blog because I too often take for granted God's blessings for me. When you live with daily challenges such as I do, I'm afraid it's far easier to live in negativity and what you can't do, and what you don't have, and what is "seemingly" taken from you, than the blessings that you are surrounded with every day. I am ashamed that is the truth. So, I am starting this blog to encourage myself to look for those blessings and appreciate them, and be grateful to my good God and Father because of them. His Word says He DELIGHTS to give good gifts to His children, so I am going to look for those gifts each day. Hopefully, I will focus more on my positive side again. haha

I decided to call the blog "Simple Gifts" firstly because I've always liked that old Shaker song, and I try to live out it's message. I am learning the gift of being simple in my heart, the gift of coming to the Lord with a child-like faith (still very much a work in progress), and I continue to learn and strive for that simplicity in my life and in my home. The fact that life is very hard (and no mistake it is), and it can be very painful, God STILL gives good gifts to His children. Even when it doesn't seem like it, He does still show us His love through simple gifts -- His blessings to us. Deciding to start this blog has already helped me re-focus on looking for them. I hope to continue and post regularly here how God has shown me His love and care.

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